h e a l i n g   e n e r g y  


This channel was received on October 28, 2008 directly from the Great Brotherhood of Light through the direct channeling with the Ascended Masters Saint-Germain, Melchizedek and Imphotep.


This energy flow is named as Bliss Energy.


Bliss is the accomplished Act of Creation.


Unlike many other energy channels, this universal channel has a wide spectrum and tunable frequencies depending on the specific needs of each organism in each specific case of influence.











The flow of this energy reaches us from the Great Central Light through the Source which is located in the Ethereal Temple of Bliss Energy.


You can work with the Bliss Energy by using a hand-on method based on Reiki System, but the duration of changing hand positions is reduced up to a few seconds, since this energy is powerful.


A three-level system of attunement to the Bliss Energy has been developed under the guidance of the Masters of the Great Brotherhood of Light.











First level Disciple of Bliss Energy


The attuned disciple is connected to the Source of Bliss Energy and receives his/her first imprint.


The imprint is an etherial symbol of the Bliss Energy. Each disciple receives his/her own unique symbol which immediately switches on the energy once you visual it on your left palm.


The first level of attunement allows you without delay to start you healing activity in contact with any object, or your own body or the body of another person, animal. 

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Second level Knight of Bliss Energy


Forty days after receiving the first level attunement, when the energy is properly established in your organism, you can get attuned to the second level Knight of Bliss Energy and receive the second imprint on your right palm.


The second attunement fortifies your power and expands the energy flow. It increases the efficiency of your contact work with the energy and enables you to work distantly - in space and in time, including with extremely remote issues and events of your life or the life of your client, even up to past lives.


You can work with the situations, that is the attuned person can send the energy flow to the past so as to rectify the present and future, so as to create prerequisites for the accomplishment of forethought plans.


You can send the energy flow form the right palm marked with the second etherial imprint, to the area and time where your issues are being settled or decisions important for you are being taken.


Third Level Master of Bliss Energy


Forty days after receiving the second level attunement, you will be able to receive the third level attunement. You will be made a Master of Bliss Energy and you will receive the third imprint on your forehead.


The Master Level allows to expand the energy flow to the maximum for contact and distant work. The third imprint also allows to send the energy to the environment. The third imprint has a support and dispensation form the Great Brotherhood of Light for work to the benefit of the entire planet.



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