Karmic Channel



The Karmic channel is designed for the solution of a wider range of karmic issues. The symbols of the Karmic channel help people get rid of these or those diseases, negative karmic programs, various eniologic infections.


The Karmic channel is a significant and effective helpmate for positive life changes and settlement of complex life situations. It helps work out and neutralize negative karmic programs which have been formed at the level of a mature and underworked karma and helps relieve our life and health from such influences.


The Karmic channel was elaborated in 2002 by the Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Davidenko E., Yemelyanov H. and others.


The word “karma” has a Sanskrit origin and is translated as an “action”. In other words, karma is a consequence of the actions committed by a human in the past.


Karma is a cause-and-effect bond with the thoughts and a human’s acts and the consequences of such thoughts and acts.

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The Karmic channel is designed for tearing apart the cause-and-effect bond at any level, i.e. neutralizing, or at least, extremely reducing the impact of the errors committed in the past upon the present and the future. The symbols of the Karmic channel considerably promote the healing of the ailments only in case a disease has a karmic origin and only in case work with it is complemented with the understanding of those false mindsets, negative experiences, actions and delusions which lead to the emergence of the given disease.

The Karmic channel, as well as all other channels, rarely completely replaces the treatment of an appropriate disease for the methods of traditional and nontraditional medicine, but extremely promotes the treatment and speeds up its recovery.


The Karmic channel, as well as Usui Reiki Traditional Channel is initiated and opened by means of four symbols – Zonar, Hearth, Halu and Gnosa.


ZONAR works with cause-and-effect bonds at a level of mature and well-worked out karma with various eniological disturbances, negative energoinformational programs which bring disharmony into our vital processes and lead to the emergence of diseases at a physical level. It favors the disruption of karmic ties hampering our free and self-sufficient development.


Occasionally we go through an experience for such a long time that we become a part of our biochemical exchange in our cells. Therefore, cells have memory about traumas and even negative feelings and thoughts which we brought from our other lives. Zonar works with such hidden feelings and helps heal them.


Zonar heals traumas which occurred in childhood and other stuffs which were so traumatic that a human concealed it in his/her consciousness. It is usually the region of the second chakra.


HEARTH works with the functions of “Anahata” chakra.


It is designed for healing a heart both as a physical organ and other disorders of cardiovascular systems of an organism.


It helps release from nervous breakdown and depression, reduces the emotional field, restores love for life, harmonizes relationship among people. It helps get rid of various ties (attachments) and bad habits, heals emotional and heart-related issues.


HALU is used for healing deep karmic processes.


It helps during the process of awareness of the errors of the past experience. It dispels illusions, takes away misguided beliefs. It is used for breaking patterns and beliefs to which we are attached. It releases from all kinds of inferiority complexes.


Halu helps us when we blame others for different situations in our life.


Halu is a powerful healing symbol. It helps heal tumors, cytes and other disbalances.


GNOSA is a basic working symbol of the Karmic Channel. This symbol works with our consciousness, since it is through the consciousness and due to understanding of what we do we will be able to rectify our errors and make accurate conclusions and choices.


Gnosa heals mind and establishes a stronger contact with our Higher Self.


It helps improve abilities for healing and learning.


Gnosa opens the mind to new ideas. It works with the nervous system. It helps learn many physical things, including dances, applied art, sport, play on musical instruments etc.


Gnosa helps organize our mind and improve our capability for communication. It also concerns the ability to speak and write.


The energy of the symbols of the Karmic Channel are more subtle and specific as compared to the energies of the symbols of Reiki System.


The symbols are promptly switched on, work and leave. This effect is noted by those who work with the symbols of the Karmic channel.


These symbols may work both independently and in combination with the symbols of other channels.


The diversity of the symbols of the Karmic Channel is impressive.


The symbols of the Karmic Channel can be drawn, visualized on the positions and placed on the palms.