Joy Ray Channel

h e a l i n g   c h a n n e l     

Joy Ray channel is designed for work with a human physical body, physical organs, as well as nervous system and psyche. The symbols work on cellular and genic levels.


Joy Ray channel was opened and elaborated in 2002 by Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Davidenko E., Yemelyanov H. and others.













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The healing symbols of this channel work practically with all the human bodies: energetic body (chakras and channels), etheric body (meridians); on the physical body the symbols work with physical body and nervous system (central and peripheral).


The symbols of Joy Ray channel do not work with karmic programs.


The healing channel Joy Ray is opened by means of four symbols. Gloss, Harmony, Joy Ray and So Atr and its own Spiritual-Information-Energetic pyramid



GLOS cleanses, raises and attunes the energy structures of an apprentice. The symbol works with field-energetic structures and the channels of subtle bodies through which the energy flows. On the physical body it works with blood vessels and blood, nervous system and sense organs. On the etheric body it works with meridians, as well as “etheric twin”  of physical organs.



HARMONY restores the piece of mind and harmony of a human with the outside world. The symbol allows to see the beauty in everything.



JOY RAY guides the healing energies, intensifies the healing capabilities and capacities of a human.



SO ART is a basic working symbol of Joy Ray channel. It is a “Golden symbol of health”. The symbol heals both separate organs and the whole body. It assists in healing psychosomatic diseases.


Joy Ray channel is designed for healing the diseases which are not related or partly related to karmic issues.


If the symbols of the karmic channel help recover one’s health in case the roots of the disease are not referred to the past incarnations, then the symbols of the healing channel will be helpful in case the reason of the disease is caused by the present incarnation.










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