Su-Mo Channel

c h a n n e l   o f   t r a n s f o r m a t i o n   


Su-Mo channel is a Spiritual Energo-Informational channel of Reiki system and its main objective is transformation, i.e. transformation of very profound layers, negative energy blocks, old patterns etc. into positive.


Su-Mo Channel is an independent additional channel, it is studied and initiated separately.










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The channel envisages a serious preparation of a human who understood the purposefulness and responsibility of work with his/her own consciousness and transformation of his/her feelings, thoughts, acts into positivity.


Su-Mo channel is opened by means of four symbols: Su-Mo, Ha, Hon Hu Zeh Ho Hun, Ku Ho San Mo



SU-MO attracts more quantity of subtle energy by enlivening and transforming our consciousness which allows to shift painful sensations onto information or visual, as well as protects from unwanted energoinformation. Su-Mo cloaks the holes on the energetic body originated from evil eyes, removes sharp and acute pains, cleanses wounds.



HA is designed for work with the leg diseases and related karmic issues, including varicose veins, frequent leg traumas, convulsions etc., inability to orient yourself in the environment, inability to find your walk of life, your place in life. It works with low chakras and legs.



HON HU ZEH HO HUN ensures tranquility, the state of "here and now", provides a powerful protection from all negative influences. It works with human psyche. It gives freedom and a sense of peace. It removes depression and stresses, it works with schizophrenia. It helps recover poise. It works as a talisman. It can be drawn before you, as well as on all chakras.



KU HO SAN MO is a symbol of perfection. It increases impulse towards infinite perfection. It cleanses the energy of astral and mental bodies, it cleans up negative emotions, it promotes spiritual development.


The symbols can work independently or in combination with the symbols of other channels.



Usui Reiki 2 Level + Karmic Channel