Each human has a vital energy sleeping inside. We live thanks to the energy which flows inside of us. It is thanks to the energy that a plant breaks through the concrete and a wound on the skin is healed. You cannot touch the energy, but you can feel and evaluate it. The vital energy energizes all the organs and the body cells by maintaining biological functions in them.


The Reiki System, which we, Reiki Master-Teachers Arman and Nana Harutyunyans practice and teach is somewhat natural and accessible for all human beings, somewhat increasing your own vital potential, a means of transformation of an external energy into an internal one.


The essence of the Reiki System lies in the fact that it exists in each of us. In order to learn to perceive and accept this system, we furnish you with sufficient information about Reiki, our practical experience, attunements to the Reiki energy and its practical use.



Each of us is born for happiness so as to enjoy life. We have power inside which we can use for the attraction of welfare, health, success

and harmonious life.



We met each other thanks to our at that time common fascination and interest in the Reiki System. And it is still over 5 years that Reiki has become our ever-living source of joy and sunshine, our lifestyle, our invaluable helpmate and a true gift of the destiny!


We have 2 adorable sons who rejoice the warmth of our hands radiating Reiki.


By practicing Reiki System we create an atmosphere of kindness, consideration and generosity. We open our hearts to serene intentions and noble deeds. We will gladly teach and share the secrets of the Reiki System with you.


We do hope that each of you will find something useful and invite more peace, kindness and love into your life.



Reiki practice reveals new life perspectives. Simplicity, and above all, the effectiveness of Reiki System which makes events flow into our life on the wave of positivity, is a great stimuli for its study. Such knowledge leads us towards new and new discoveries, attracts health and love, success and abundance, endless energy and inspiration for the accomplishment of new acts of kindness.


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