New energies are the energies of Transformation of Man-Creator. All what you consider as a new energy, i.e. the unifying ene
rgy, the energy of rise of Self-awareness, the Energy of Love are merely the consequence of true qualities of energy which is currently reaching the Earth. The energy unifies, but it is not its quality. The energy inspires, but it is not its quality, either.






 Bliss Energy
 Earth Energy 999
 Energy of Wishes
 Wheel of Fortune
 Flow of Abundance
 Lunar Reiki

The quality or the characteristics of the energy is its purity, its wave pattern, its sound. To have access to the new energies, you should give your permission. The new energies penetrate into us, work with us and cleanse our bodies. But “device” of the channel of new energies matters more which resembles a “spindle” or two cones connected at the base. The top of one of the cones is on high and the other overlooks with its top downward. The point of junction of the upper and bottom cones are approximately at the level of the first charka. Hence, the capsule has a kind of two parts – upper and bottom. There is a spiral inside of this “spindle” which is similar to the low radiators of energies in the form of steam symmetrical “solar paddles”. The speed of movement of each solar paddles is constantly changing. When these rays begin to switch on, specific sensations occur in the low part of a body, especially in legs. At “startup”, i.e. the sensation of these rays, many of us sense strong vibrations especially in legs. Many of us experience cleansing of an organism in the low parts of a body and in the systems associated with the first chakra, skeletal and the endocrine systems.


New energies are the energies of Love and Abundance. These are the energies of Enlightenment and Illumination. These energies help speed up the process of self-awareness.

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