REIKI CHANNELS (general concept)


Different energy frequencies


Reiki energy is a universal energy. Masters say about different energies of their pupils, different not only by their strength which is analogous to a physical concept as “powerful”, but also different by subjective sensations, in other words, based on some properties.


One and the same medicine does not help treat different diseases. One radio receiver set does not allow to listen to all the radio transmitting sets, FM-radio stations and negotiations in the mobile network communications and the intercommunications and talks of pilots.


The point is not that all these man-created devices, as well as natural objects function on different frequencies. They also code signals in a different manner, that is the reason why there are no universal receiving and universal transmitting devices.


By analogy, the similar phenomenon is obviously observed in the subtle world, in the sphere of spiritual processes. One basic Reiki channel does not solve “narrowly-specialized” issues. The vibrations helping to solve different issues are to be diverse.


Thus, additional Reiki channels emerged.

Karmic channel
Satori channel
Hosanna channel
Suu-Mo channel
Joy Ray channel
Glossar channel
Raddha channel


According to our notion, such vibrations are a bit different by their property from the vibrations of the basic channel, the vibrations of which are partly the carriers of the basic properties of the vibrations of Reiki channel, but possess their own specific properties.

What are Channels?


Channels are energetic frequencies. In an everyday reality people do not make use of such energies. Certain frequencies are strictly attributed to each channel. Should a man or any object or even a situation be affected by the given channel, then changes relevant to the properties of the given channel will take place in them.


Apparently, channels have always existed. They may probably be older than the human civilization itself. In other words, it is not a discovery of the time being.


Once you are attuned to a channel and capable of using it, without any initial preparation and time-consuming mastering you will practically be able to work with the energies of the channel both with yourself and others.


Many of the channels work as an emergency, instantaneously improving the situation or health.

In the event you do not use the channel for a long time, it will not be disconnected and you will be able to start working with it at any time.

Most of the channels are very practical and they help rectify situations with which we constantly encounter in our life.

You can even connect to the channel and work with it even in an inappropriate environment such as in transport, at work etc.

You can work simultaneously with several channels by resolving problems in an integrated manner.