Glossar Channel

channel of clairgnosis, clairvoyance and clairaudience

The name “Glossar” derives from the Greek word “glossary” or “reference book”.


Glossar Channel (the channel of clairgnosis and clairvoyance) is an effective helpmate for a human in acquiring relevant information favouring his/her spiritual development and expanding the scopes of consciousness.


Glossar channel attunes to an information field of various levels and helps develop intuition. It releases human’s subtle bodies from negative energies which obstruct the etheric body and hamper the conscious acquisition and analysis of information.


Glossar Channel was opened and elaborated in 2002 by the Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Davidenko E., Yemelyanov H. and others.


Glossar channel is a channel of clairgnosis, clairvoyance and clairaudience.


An apprentice has an access to the new world of ideas, knowledge and creative inspiration which promote his/her spiritual and creative growth.


Glossar channel is opened by means of four symbols. Kuamp Po, Satya Ishvara, Glossar and Audza and its own Spiritual-Information-Energetic pyramid.



KUAMP PO activates the energy centers which deal with intuition and conscious perception of information flows (through clairvoyance, clairgnosis, astral vision etc) with the information fields of various levels.



SATYA ISHVARA helps work out and develop intuition and clairgnosis. This symbol may be used for browsing past and future situations, as well as for forecasts and predictions (prophecies).



GLOSSAR is a spiritual symbol in the Glossar Chanel pyramid. This symbol enables to develop clairgnosis.



AUDZA is a basic working symbol of the channel. It increases clairvoyance due to concentration and harmonization of information-energetic structures of both the apprentice (astral and mental bodies) and what surrounds him/her (information-energy fields). It works as a “crystal ball” or as a radio receiving set.


There are three directions in Glossar Channel: Clairgnosis, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Each of such qualities can be developed separately, depending on what an apprentice needs.


The symbols of Glossar Channel can work both independently and in combination with the symbols of other channels.


It is unlikely to find a person who has never received any “messages” or “prompts”. In other words, such information can be acquired in different ways. Occasionally, the so-called “prophetic dreams” in which somebody directly tells us what to do or a situation emerges similar to the one a person has encountered in reality.


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The example of receiving information in dream is the history of discovery of periodic chart by Mendeleev.


Sometimes it is an appropriate meeting at an appropriate time with an appropriate person who helps to take a decision.


Sometimes a prompt springs up unexpectedly. To the extent that it might be a phrase in the article or book which has no connection with the subject of deliberation.


But it might happen that the solution comes as if by itself. Simply you feel an imperturbable confidence to act in that manner and not otherwise. As a consequence, practice shows that the solution has been chosen correctly.

 Where does the information come from?


As such, there are two sources. One of them is our own subconsciousness which may conceal many of our past experiences. But it might be hidden so deeply that it is difficult to make this information come out and one is unable to deal with it without a specialist. The second source is the information fields of various levels to which one can get connected with a view to obtaining information.

Glossar Channel helps obtaining information not by accident, but at your request.


There are two ways of getting information: these are clairvoyance and clairgnosis.


The processes vary and the mechanisms of their realization also vary. Clairvoyance  is getting information through images, visual pictures, through vision. As a rule, clairvoyance is an uncontrollable process. There are very mighty clairvoyants who are gifted by nature. If the level of a spiritual development of the one who is gifted with clairvoyance is high then such a person is capable of managing these processes all by himself/herself. In other words, he/she is capable of switching on and off this process at his own will and obtaining the very information he/she has requested. But not always clairvoyance is given by nature. It might be developed in the course of engagement in spiritual practices. The process of obtaining information through this channel, most probably, will be spontaneous, less dependent of the will of a human.


In order to perceive how this channel works, let us see this example. In order to listen to the transmitter via a receiving set, the devices ought to be attuned to one wave. And if the structure of the receiving set provides tunings to the frequencies of the transmitter, then we will never hear it. That is precisely why we never hear service communications via the domestic radio equipment.


In the subtle world all is extremely complicated, but the general principle remains the same. The one who is gifted with clairvoyance and clairgnosis is the one who sometimes can be attuned to the vibrations radiating by information fields.


Glossar channel increases the sensitivity of a person to such vibrations and expands the range of the vibrations which he/she can perceive.


Glossar channel attunes to the high-level fields and increases spiritual vision. It helps develop intuition and enables to see the past and future situations.


When working with this channel one should bear in mind that he/she is attuned mostly to spiritual missions, rather than obtaining information useful for everyday life.


This channel can furnish you with information which will keep a human from troubles, it will promote his/her success in different spheres of activity. It will prompt necessary solutions, but it will never give you information which will lead to negative experiences, it will not contribute to the increase and aggravation of negative emotions.



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