FIRE Dragon unites and opens chakras, opens the central channel allowing Kundalini or rise up through it. It is used only for balancing.

RAKU is used during the attunements, but not during an individual healing. It activates the Hara line and makes Ki energy flow into the energy center of a body and connects them with Hara.

HOSANNA is a symbol used for cleansing big premises and territories. It cleanses karma. This symbol can be applied to premises (apartments, shops, hospitals etc).

MOTOR ZANON – is an antiviral symbol. It is used during treatments of infectious diseases such as influenza, jaundice, encephalitis etc.

SHANTI works with our past. It creates harmony in the present. Since Shanti heals the past, it bring peace into the present moment and helps us get rid of anxiety and concerns about our future. It is good for treating insomnia. Shanti releases fears and creates a mild peaceful mood. Therefore, it helps get a good sleep. It is used in treatments of nightmares.

Shanti helps treat panic-attacks and chronic fatigue. It helps pacify our fears and leads to peace and repose.

It works with our emotions. It releases from fear, nightmares, during stresses, depression and hysteria.

YSOD works with the karmic issues related to diabetes when the diseases breaks out in childhood and at juvenile age. It works on all the chakras and pancreatic glands. It restores hormonal balance.

RAMA connects you with the energy of heart and cleanses the low six chakras. Rama is used for getting rid of negative energies. Rama is used for grounding. Rama cleanses mind.

MIDAS STAR brings financial success and abundance. It stimualtes the inflow of a definite amount of money, opens the monetary channel. It is a symbol of prosperity.

KI YAN CHI– symbol for prosperity

YOSHI TE - symbol for treating relationship. It can also be used specially for heart chakra.

JIN SO GEN –  symbol for the restoration and preservation of peace in family. It is used when there is disharmony between the family members. It can also be used for treating relationships.

SAMYO MELDRU – a symbol for the creation of peace and harmony.

It can be applied to people, places, for the treatment of relationships, for heart chakra, in relation to projects and for the treatment of stresses etc.

This symbol positively affects the nervous system and balances it. It is used for the creation of peace and repose. It helps the people who are constantly anxious about trifles.

This symbol is good for charging the places where in the future a quarrel or conflict might occur. When harmonizing the relationship, when we image the situation to be harmonious, one can use this symbol. In this way, the effect will intensify. When our interlocutor gets nervous or lets out his/her emotions, then we can draw this symbol on his/her solar plexus which will promptly restore his/her balance of mind.

CHI HAI – a symbol for the materialization of new projects. It can be used before or right after the start of the project. It is applied to all kinds of projects, including business projects, domestic undertakings or all kinds of initiatives.



Below are the seven symbols used for cleansing chakras. These symbols are activated by means of Cho Ku Rei. The use of the group of the symbols can help maintain a balanced state of your energy field and keep good emotional and physical health.

Om-Shi-Nu-Va – the symbol for the first chakra (Muladhara)

Kali-Yoni– the symbol for the second chakra (Svadhishthana)

Va-Shna-Hei – the symbol for the third (Manipura)

Sama-Di-Nah – the symbol for the fourth chakra (Anahata)

Ushta –Rollo-Veh – the symbol for the fifth throat chakra (Vishuddha)

Brahma-Vo - the symbol for the sixth chakra (Ajna)

So-Mah-Ki – the symbol for the seventh crown chakra (Sahasrara)



Usui Reiki 2 Level