Reiki symbols are an essential part of Reiki. Since ancient times people have been interested in symbols. Many images of primitive people are in essence symbols. Probably people were aware of the fact that symbols somehow structured space and time and, thereby, influenced the course of events and that the symbols were peculiar keys to the entry into another reality, into another dimension, into another energy system.


A man could always clearly see that symbols might be the objects, physical objects, images etc. if they have psychic energy embedded therein and that symbols are alive as long as this energy exists in them.


Throughout the history of mankind many clues were left in the past as well as the methods of using them. As a matter of fact, nobody knows it and, therefore, many “riches” and capabilities remain to be inaccessible for people. Today we are in need of new clues in the form of symbols. A similar apparent gift for people are Reiki symbols, i.e. the clues which work without fail like clockwork and which are utilized by many Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters.  


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However, Reiki symbols are not so simple as they may seem. For a long time they have been one of the most obscure and mysterious phenomena hidden from undedicated people.


Reiki symbols are a material representation of energy. They are somehow similar to the musical notes which are the representation of sound. If you ask a musician to play by notes, he will surely play it. In other words, he will reproduce the vibration corresponding to the certain sound or sounds. But if a musician has a good ear, then he can reproduce more complex vibrations without any notes. The same refers to Reiki. If you work with a symbol, then you send an energy or vibration which the given symbol represents by visualizing its image (yantra) and pronouncing its name (mantra).