A n c i e n t   J a p a n e s e   T e a c h i n g 


Reiki is a Universal Energy, a living energy which penetrates and inspires all the creations on the earth. Reiki is translated from Japanese as a “universal, cosmic energy”.


Reiki is a higher form of intelligent energy which flows through anyone who is attuned to Reiki which is usually called as “initiation”. Once you receive an attunement to Reiki, you are capable of using this energy both for yourself and for others. The most remarkable aspect in the Reiki System is that you do not require to possess extrasensory and other transcendental capabilities. When you receive the attunement to this energy, all what you need to do is to wish that the energy would flow through your hands by way of placing your palms upon yourself or another person.

 Reiki History


 Reiki and Science

Reiki is the name given to this healing energy which exists in nature. In reality, we use this energy. When we incidentally bump onto something or our body experiences pain, we unconsciously place our hands on the affected area or hold it there. It is an illustration of ancient wisdom of our organism. In fact, in doing so we direct the healing energy to the affected area. We have access to this energy, but we are capable of transmitting only 5 or 10 percents.

The process of initiation which is regarded essential in Reiki opens a channel for the transmission of an optimal quantity of energy. Thus, we may have access to 90 or 100 percents of this energy and achieve considerable success.


After the initiation the energy flow is felt in the hands which is evident in the form of vibrations or tinglings. Since every human being is an individuality, then sensations may vary.


Reiki has always existed, but we are not conscious of it as long as we do not come into contact with it by means of a special training which allows this energy to detect and direct.




Physiological effects of Reiki

- increases resistance to physical activity

- brings to a more profound level of physical relaxation

- decreases muscle tension

- increases the immune system

- reduces the virus activity and emotional stress

- increases energy, strength and motivation

- adjusts the brain function

- normalizes weight

- harmonizes the endocrine system

- relaxes the nervous system













Psychological effects of Reiki

- increases confidence in yourself

- releases from fear

- helps control the thinking process

- increases concentration

- develops creativity

- increases capability for learning and improves memory

- increases a sense of vital power and rejuvenation (anti-aging)

- ensures emotional stability

- favors better understanding of yourself

- helps easily get rid of bad habits

- increases intuition

- improves relationship at home and at work

- helps ignore petty problems

- increases capabilities for taking complicated problems

- develops will power

- effective and prompt reaction to stressful events

- develops the system of perception

- decreases aggression

- reduces the alarm level

- helps take rational decisions

- develops patience

- opens new constructive opportunities

- helps you become more stable and well-balanced person

- provides inward peace

- helps in goal setting

- promotes more self-realization

- body, mind and spirit live in harmony

- alter your attitude to life for the positive

- helps live “here and now”





Reiki is a higher form of energy!



In the past a few dedicated people had access to Reiki which was maintained in strict confidentiality. This ancient knowledge in the course of time was lost and again was rediscovered in Japan late in the last century by Mikao Usui.







What is remarkable about Reiki?

1. Anyone can learn and then practice Reiki.

2. Reiki is a very harmonious, well-designed and safe system. First, you restore your body and then you gradually become open to more energies and opportunities.

3. Once attuned, your knowledge and skills are maintained throughout all your life.

4. You do not need any equipment or a special premise to practice Reiki. All what you need is your hands and a little time.

5. In Reiki you do not waste your own energy.



Reiki has nothing in common with religions and is accessible for all religious persuasion.



Reiki energy is activated by means of initiations (attunement).


There exist four levels of attunement: First, Second, Master and Teacher.


Right after the attunement you can practice Reiki by giving energy to yourself or other people through the palms of your hands.


Reiki Energy activates the natural powers of your organism which itself does the restoration and correction of the disturbed functions.


Reiki is taught, studied and meticulously investigated in scientific laboratories worldwide.