Today researches conducted by numerous foreign and Russian scientists experimentally prove the existence of specific energy-information processes which completely conform to the Reiki teaching about universal life force energy.


The researches made in this sphere resulted in the change of viewpoints of western scientists. One of the reasons of such a change was the acquisition of sensing devices which enable to detect the presence of an energetic field around the human body.


As a result it was discovered that all the tissues and organs emit definite magnetic pulsations which are known as a biomagnetic field. The traditional electrical records, such as an electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms now are complemented with a biomagnetic record called magneto-cardiogram and magneto-encephalogram. For various reasons the cartography of the magnetic filed around a human body often provides more exact definition of physiology and pathology than the traditional electrical measurements.


As early as in the 20s Harold Saxton Burr, a prominent researcher working in the School of Medicine in the University in Wales presumed that diseases might be detected in the energetic filed of a human before they appear as physical signs. In addition, Burr was convinced that diseases might be averted by affecting the energetic field.


Such conceptions were ahead of time, but now they are confirmed in the medical scientific-research laboratories all over the world. The scientists use various devices so as to determine the way the diseases change the biomagnetic fields around the body. Others utilize pulsating magnetic  fields so as to promote healing. Still, sensitive individuals describe such phenomena during a long period of time, but there was no any rational explanation as to how this might occur.


Early in the 80s John Zimmerman conducted a research in the University of State Colorado, Denver and discovered that a powerful biomagnetic pulsation emanates from the palms of a Reiki practitioner. The frequency of pulsation was unsteady, it fluctuated in the range between 0.3 and 30Hz (cycles/second), more frequent within the range of 7-8Hz. The biomagnetic pulsations emanating from the palms are within the same frequency range as the brainwaves. Further scientific researches showed that the healing properties possess the whole frequency range.

 Reiki History

The confirmation of the researches conducted by Zimmerman emerged in 1992 when Doctor Seto and his colleagues from Japan commenced studying directly the Masters practicing nontraditional healing methods. The energy emanating from their palms was so powerful that it might be detected by means of a simple magnetometer made up from two coils with 80.000 conductor rotations. Hereafter, the experiments were extended and transferred to sound, light and thermal fields radiating the healers. The most interesting thing is that the frequency of pulsation is changing all the time. Moreover, medical doctors investigating the therapeutic influence of the pulsating magnetic fields discovered that the same frequencies are effective for healing of both soft and solid tissues. Certain frequencies promote growth of nerves, bones, skin, capillaries and cords.

Doctors practicing Reiki and their patients receive proofs of efficiency of this system on a daily basis. Modern medicine is starting to admit this kind of result-bearing therapy which is being confirmed by new scientific researches.

Recently Reiki energy has been subject to more scientific researches. During treatment the internal and universal energies are concentrated in the palms of a reiki practitioner. This unity regardless of philosophical, religious or esoteric views promotes the healing process. Below is the photo of the fingers of Reiki Masters before and after their treatment session.



In this photo you can see how much the radiation of the energy becomes activated during the session. Scientists have conducted numerous tests proving the effectiveness of the effect of Reiki energy upon the cellular and other levels and even upon inanimate objects. The objects of scientific researches were unicellular organisms, plants, insects, laboratory animals and such a laboratory material as blood cells, neurons, cancer cells, water molecules and, certainly, the influence of the energy upon a human was investigated in a similar manner.


For instance, the influence of the Reiki energy upon the open wound has been investigated. Simultaneously two people were treated on the identical injuries of the skin integument, but one of them was exposed to the influence made by a reiki practitioner on a daily basis within 10 minutes. Even the doctors observing the wound healing process were unaware of such an influence. Four independent experts conducted check measurements of healing processes five and ten days later. The results considerably varied from one another. In case when a human was exposed to the Reiki energy, the healing was a success by 50% five days later and 85% - ten days later. The second person under investigation during the days of check measurements yielded the following results: 51% and 40%, accordingly.