Not long ago there lived a man called Mikao Usui which was vexed by the question: “Can people heal?”


Doctor Mikao Usui was born in Japan in 1864 and was raised by Christian missionaries. Upon leaving school he determined to study theology. Later he became a professor of theology and in due course he headed the Males’ Christian School.


Doctor Usui simultaneously studied not only Christian works, but also many other spiritual traditions.


Having lived in America for seven years, he came back to Japan where he started to meticulously study Buddhist sutras, life and teaching of Buddha.


Doctor Usui did mediations and studied Buddhist writings (sutras) in Japan, Chinese and Sanskrit. His searches were crowned with success. In particular, he found in Sanskrit texts what he had been seeking for a long time, which in the process of mediation and prayers, revealed him the meaning and essence of spiritual healing. But it did not happen immediately.



 Reiki and Science

Having made an arduous way for 17 miles, he climbed the Mount Kurama and chose a tranquil place near the river. He resolved not to eat any food, but only drink water, since he knew that the fasting maintained the inner purity and promoted profound meditation. He picked up 21 stones so as to mark the course of time, by throwing away one each day. The object of his meditation was the knowledge acquired in the monastery under the direction of the abbot. During the meditation the level of his concentration was so high that he easily went beyond the limits of his consciousness and distinctly sensed the inner light of his Higher Self.

Once in the morning Usui took the last stone in his hand which symbolized the last day of his reclusion. Usui began to mediate at predawn twilights.

Glancing at a transparent predawn twilight, he noticed the first messenger of a new day – the ray of light, which appeared on the horizon line. The light was getting lighter and lighter and Usui humbly and quietly awaited its coming. He understood that the flow would inevitably reach him and then something which might happen would surely happen. Usui did not move and the light ray penetrated into him through his forehead and he then lost his consciousness.


Doctor Usui came to himself in the afternoon. He distinctly remembered all what had happened to him.

As soon as the ray of light entered into his consciousness, it was illuminated with magnificent radiation followed by the sensation of grandeur of the universe filled with the light of true wisdom, compassion and bliss. He saw shining balls sailing before his gaze, each of which contained Sanskrit symbols which he had discovered in Buddhist texts. After he had realized the significance of the symbol, the ball sailed away and another one sailed forward. His body and mind were filled with Reiki energy radiating Sanskrit symbols, the meaning of which he completely realized.


The insight came right away and there was a feeling that Usui merely remembered what he had always known. He called it Reiki or a universal life energy.


Still feeling the spiritual growth, he decided to return to the monastery so as to share his joy with the abbot who had done so much for him.


On the way to the monastery Usui stumbled over a stone and hurt his finger.


The wound was painfully bleeding and Usui placed his palm on it. In a twinkling of an eye the wound was healed. It was the first miracle of Reiki.

Mount Kurama