Raddha Channel

b u s i n e s s   -   f i n a n c i a l   c h a n n e l


The business-financial channel which is also called as “Raddha” enables to experience creative growth, attract financial resources and business partners. New ideas and opportunities emerge which help get out of business-related deadlock situations. This channel develops such qualities which will help live safely in the physical world, balances the capabilities and needs of a human.


The business-financial channel was elaborated in 2001-2002 by the Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Davidenko E., Yemelyanov H. and others.


The business-financial channel is a creative business-financial channel. That is the reason why it is best to be opened and developed by those who already run business or those who are intending to open a business. It is not worth waiting for the money to come out of nowhere.


The business-financial channel is opened by means of four symbols: Raju, Cent, Shri Sun Do Rei and Assaya and its own Spiritual-Information-Energetic Pyramid.









RAJU helps attract new business-related opportunities and ideas into our life. It promotes rising up to a new level of attraction of financial and material resources, increasing the inflow of clients and business propositions.



CENT helps develop and expand the business-financial channel. It teaches to weigh one’s capabilities and needs, balances us and teaches not only to take but also share.



SHRI SUN DO REI helps cognize harmony in our soul, acquire happiness and prosperity in life, it teaches us to accept with gratitude all what is going on with us in life.



ASSAYA is a basic working symbol of the business-financial channel. It stimulates the inflow of money and attracts it.



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