Hosanna Channel

c h a n n e l   o f   f r e e d o m,   p u r i t y   a n d   e x o r c i s m


Exorcism is release of a human from various essences and any alien karmic and energo-informational programs. Exorcism is an action directed at the protection from their recurrent penetration into subtle energetic structures of a human.


The symbols of Hosanna channel promptly and effectively deal with various eniologic infections and disturbances, restore the eniologic immunity and wholeness of the energy structure. It organizes a reliable energy protection from malicious influences (including magic ones) and essences parasitizing through a human’s energy.


The channel was developed in 2004-2005 by the Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Polubotonov A. and others.


Hosanna channel is initiated and opened by means of four symbols: Ha Ban Ho, Hosanna, Shanti Do, Cross and its own Spiritual-Informational-Energetic Pyramid.



HA BAN HO cleanses negative informational, eniologic programs (evil eyes and hexes) from energetic, etheric, astral and mental levels. It removes low vibrational “dirt” from physical body, up to cellular and genic levels.



HOSANNA works with people, animals, elemental spirits. It removes all the negative eniologic programs, creatures (essences) etc. It is used for cleansing any open space, including fields and parks. It cleans houses, apartments and other premises from astral and etheric creatures (essences), poltergeists etc.



SHANTI DO cleanses and protects from hexes and black magic act. It helps develop eniologic immunity. In Sanscrit “Shanti do” means a peaceful way. This symbol modifies the low vibrations of people, in particular: irritation, aggression, envy. It removes tension followed by conflict situations.



CROSS is a symbol of exorcism. It helps get rid of low-vibrational creatures (essences) which reside on mental, astral, etheric or energetic body of a human. This symbol works in a more sparing manner, than Hosanna symbol.


The energy of the symbols of Hosanna channel is specific. Therefore, they must be used justifiably. This effect is noted by those who work with the symbols of this channel.


What phenomenon is it?


A creature from Low Astral World intrudes into the subtle energetic structure of a human which has its own intellect and powerful energy commensurate with the energy of a human being. Hence, it appears that two personalities reside in a human body at a time: the one which has resided since the birth of the physical body and the one which “took up its residence” in it as a “parasite”. For a human being this state is extremely uncomfortable. The two personalities fight for its body and it is still ambiguous which of them will take the lead. The field of battle is the human being himself. Just imagine the horror which the given person experiences who realizes that somebody else is residing inside of him.  

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Psychiatrists call this phenomenon as “split personality” and treat with medicines which “immobilize” or obnubilate a person by making him/her completely emotionally balanced, but physically withered and obnubilated. Hence, he ceases to be the source of energy and is of no interest to this creature (essence) which resided in him/her. This state of obnubilation and examination may stay on for many years. The side effect of these medicines may be evident throughout all your life.

How does a priest- exorcist do? He directs a powerful energy flow followed by a prayer so as to drive out essences (creatures). There are few priest- exorcists.  Not all clergymen can devotedly pray so as to drive our alien creatures within a couple of hours.

Exorcism is a release of a human from any alien creatures (essences), any karmic and energo-informational programs and non-admission of a repeated intrusion into the subtle energetic structures of a human. Exorcism is a kind of maintenance of “energetic purity” and its environment. Exorcism also means a cleansing of the area from low-vibration creatures (essences) detrimental for a human.


Hosanna is a tool specially designed for such purposes. In other words, the vibrations of Hosanna channel is a kind of an “energetic broom” which not only removes, but also identifies itself the malicious

low-vibrational creatures (essences).

One further peculiarity of Hosanna Channel is that it is focused not only on cleansing of “energetic dust”, but also release from the “dust” which has already been structured, has been programmed to either parasitize a human at the cost of his/her own energy, or in the event of alien magical influence, compel him/her to accomplish an alien’s task, or merely cause harm.  



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