Satori Channel




The Reiki Satori channel enables to work out Love and Wisdom of Heart, Patience and Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding.


The Satori channel was opened and elaborated in 2002 by the Reiki Master-Teachers of Spiritual and Physical Enhancement School “Reiki Do Satori” Alekhnovich T., Davidenko E., Yemelyanov H. and others.


The Universe sends us different channels in a strictly-defined order.







Reiki Channels
Karmic channel
Hosanna channel
Suu-Mo channel
Joy Ray channel
Glossar channel
Raddha channel


First they sent Reiki channel. Later the symbols of Karuna Reiki which were elaborated in 1995 – the symbols of the Karmic channel.


The symbols of the Karmic channel enable to work with the causal body and karmic programs.

And only in the year 2000 they began sending Spiritual-Information-Energetic channels (practices).


The Reiki Satori Channel is an independent Spiritual-Information-Energetic Channel, that is why it is studied and initiated separately. It is opened by means of four symbols: Raku, Ikar, Dai Ko Myo and Hourt and its own Spiritual-Information-Energetic Pyramid.



RAKU cleanses the energy, strengthens and enhances the aura. It relieves the advancement and rise to the higher level of inner development.



IKAR helps raise the spiritual consciousness, promotes maximum accumulation and disclosure of the capabilities of each evolutionary stage of development. It favors harmonious adaptation in the changing energies of the environment.



DAI KO MYO is a Spiritual symbol of the Reiki Satori Channel. It enables to let in the Great Power of Divine Love and work out Divine Quality and Love in yourself. The name of this symbol sounds identical with the Reiki Master symbol. Probably it is no coincidence. Indeed the spiritual symbol of Reiki channel is also a conduit of the Divine Quality, i.e. the Great Power of Divine Light.



HOURT is the basic working symbol of the Reiki Satori channel. It helps work out energies of happiness and harmony, tranquility and welfare.


The symbols of Reiki Satori channel can work both independently or in conjunction with the symbols of other channels.


Work with the Reiki Satori Channel


Curse is an information program of evil (emotional) message which enters into the subtle structure of a human with an extremely strong force. It can be inflicted by anyone who is insulted or frustrated.


If a similar program is not removed in the lifetime of the “cursed”, then in the first place it becomes karmic, that is it is “recorded” on the causal body.


In the second place, what is more horrifying is that the monad (spirit) of the affected person after his/her death will end up in the low solid, low vibration astral levels which do not conform to the spiritual level of the human monad. At a low astral there reside the souls (monads) of animals, and there is no room for a human’s monad here and it lacks energy, it got stuck as in the swamp and is in no condition to rise up on its own so as to reincarnate again.


Hence, the “cursed” monad establishes a connection with the living relatives through the resonance (genetic) channel and takes a part of the energy from them, but it is half the trouble. The “cursed” monad affects a living person with its karmic program and the spirit – Monad of such a relative also after death finds itself at low astral levels and it is called a “family curse”. The program of the family curse affects more and more people. More and more souls of relatives end up at low astral levels. Ordinary healers cannon deal with such curses, since they lack energy.


The Reiki Satori Channel is designed for work with family curses which are burdened with more number of relatives at low astral. This channel allows the healer not to resonantly connect to the client and, thereby, affect him/her through the pyramid of the Reiki Satori channel.