h e a l i n g   e n e r g y  o f   t h e   M o o n

Founder - Amy Bass, Traditional Reiki Master

The most remarkable symbol of a female energy in the Solar System is the Moon.


As long as the Moon reflects the Sun, its contour in the night sky represents a female-reflecting nature, its inner response to the world. All the women instinctively are associated with the Lunar energy.


The Earth and the Moon – the system which is together bound by the laws of gravitation. The strength of gravitation of the Moon occurring in and at the bottom of the World Ocean and in “internal waves” atmosphere, gives birth to whirlwinds which in its turn lead to a sudden movement of air masses. All these eventually bring up the pulsation of the climate on the Earth. Studying the processes in an inanimate nature caused by the Moon effect, the scholars fairly raised another question: what influence does the Moon have upon living objects?


According to the Vedas, a female energy is the foundation of the World. However, in the modern world women frequently lose their strength and energy, they become devastated and the life does not bring joy and satisfaction.


The ancient Vedic summas highlighted two types of energies: Male and Female, i.e. Solar and lunar.


A male energy is the energy of the sun: the energy of activity, risk, courage, power. This energy warms up and is capable of burning.  It is the energy of achievement, great success and leadership.


A female energy is the lunar energy. It is noted for its softness, tenderness and placidity. The Lunar energy is the reflection of the woman’s soul, her feelings, thoughts and sensations. It is the moon that reflects the mergence of a woman with the nature. It vests a woman with the role of a mother. The lunar energy chills and soothes. Its level is also intended for the attraction of a woman for a man.


The decrease of the energy level prevents a woman from understanding and accepting herself, but above all, understanding her female role in life.


The lunar energy is the energy of a married woman. The women who are filled with the lunar energy successfully get married and create wonderful families. They are surrounded with material welfare, preserve good health for a long time and sexual attraction for men.


The Moon is one of the basic female archetypes. It is through the Lunar Reiki system that we can be connected with the Lunar energy. This energy is very soft, light, airy, sometimes cool. The Lunar Reiki is the knowledge of ancient symbols and access to the energy flows enabling to work with the female form of KI: restoration of your power, attractiveness and inner balance state; restoration of the endocrine profile, slenderness; Adjustment of the emotional state. Strengthening of relations. Balancing as per the lunar cycles. 

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As long as the Moon affects all the liquid on the Earth and we are made up of 80 percents of liquid, it also affects all the liquid in our organism.


Accordingly, the Lunar Reiki energy perfectly works with all the issues related to the liquid in our organism, including the blood vascular system, lymphatic system, fluid-and-electrolyte balance of an organism.

The Lunar Reiki system is composed of six levels:


First level – the symbols “Moon” and “MENS”

Second level – the symbols “Abundance” and “Weight reduction”

Third level – the symbol “Master-Healer”

Fourth level – the ray of Lunar Goddess Artemis

Fifth level – the ray of Lunar Goddess Selene

Sixth level – the ray of Lunar Goddess Hecate



1st and 2nd levels of the Lunar Reiki -  Reiki Level 2,

for the rest - Reiki Level 3