h i g h - f r e q u e n c y   e n e r g y    


Founder Ellen Dana Saimer

Energy 999 is designed for increasing the frequency of your vibrations. This high-frequency attunement i the base for many others. It once and for all will connect you with the highest vibrations of 999 frequency and higher. This system is mostly designed for personal growth, rather than healing.


999 is not a level. It is a vibration of number 999. It is minimal and sufficient for the transition to 5th dimension (through the 4th one) vibration level.


In 2002-2006 many remarkable occurrences took place, such as convergences, radiations, significant astrological phenomena etc. Such occurrences brought about a subsequent rise of Mother Earth and all the living creatures though high collective energies.


The frequency of vibrations of you and your light body is rising on. Gradually this frequency will become higher and higher and your light body will expand.


The vibration of Mother Earth is rising.

Currently the energy of vibration of our Mother Earth is 999.


Some people perceive it consciously, whereas others experience it unconsciously. Now many people are waking up from the old life and they feel deep in the heart that something marvelous is happening. This marvelous and new occurrence is born inside and outside due to its penetration inside.

 Energies of New Era
 Bliss Energy
 Energy of Wishes
 Wheel of Fortune
 Flow of Abundance
 Lunar Reiki


Mother Earth and we humans are moving into a new energy.  If you are ready for this vibration and ready for the increase, you will be in the high vibration of 999.  The energy of 999 vibration will guide you and help you to identify your own beautiful light, to feel and express it. Expand yourself through all your 4 bodies and walk your own path towards awakening, be more confident and more stable. Your four bodies include astral, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. By increasing your frequency up to 999 vibration, you will simultaneously fill up your chakras with the energies of the New Era.

The Eranus chakra


The Eranus chakra is located approximately 3 cm below the top of the skull at the back of the head. Once this chakra is activated and opened with the energies of New Era, it will considerably influence your health and the longevity of your life, it will help dissolve your fears. Through the activation of the Eranus chakra it will be easier for you to concentrate, and you will gain self-confidence and strength.


Besides, it is a carrier of the energy of harmonious rhythm of the Universe and the Earth. Those whose Eranus chakra is activated are in complete balance and in harmony with the vibrations of the Universe and the Earth. Nothing can disturb them and they are filled with confidence and strength.


The Luina Chakra


The Luina chakra is situated in the middle of the brain, next to an energy ribbon which is above the auricular channels. Human beings whose Luina chakra is activated realize a great interrelation in the meditative state and they can easily concentrate themselves and find their own center. Human being whose Luina chakra is not activated are often restless and find it hard to concentrate. They create limitations for themselves and in this way they cannot see the grandeur of the Source.


More and more energies are arriving.

Now it is time to combine the ancient wisdom with the new methods so as to gain balance and harmony.



Usui Reiki Level 2 + Karmic channel

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